Founded in 2004, Kennelly & Associates has been finding solutions for its clients from the courtroom to the boardroom.  The firm has many years of experience in not only navigating the challenges of contracts, regulation, and lawsuits but fashioning unique solutions.  The firm is committed to effective communication of our clients’ position be it before a judge or in the media.  We provide new approaches to problem solving, which preserves our clients' resources while meeting their needs.

The first question we ask all clients is, “Where do you want to be after the issue?”  From that simple question, we are able to map out a path from the often-chaotic initiation of an issue to a solution often better than our clients think possible.  We maintain our focus on the result, until the result becomes your reality.

John Bailey Kennelly

John Bailey Kennelly was admitted to the practice of law in Connecticut in 1996.  John is a graduate of Wesleyan University (1991) and University of Connecticut Law School (1996).  He served as a Hartford City Councilperson from 2002 to 2004.  He received a certification from the Construction Institute in 2001. 

Prior to founding Kennelly & Associates, Attorney Kennelly practiced law with Halloran & Sage and Updike, Kelly & Spellacy.  John is raising his family in Hartford where he is a life-long resident like generations of his family before him.  John has served as northeast General Counsel to Lamar Outdoor Advertising and is presently General Counsel to the Plan B Burger Group. 

John presently serves as a consultant to numerous hospitality groups and local and state political candidates and organizations.  He has been a member of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee since 2004.