Land Use

Kennelly & Associates has represented clients in land and business development in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.  We have extensive experience working effectively with local and state government for successful business expansion and development.

We have successfully obtained variances and even contributed to/assisted with revision of local regulations to enhance our clients’ economic position and dominance in multiple markets. It is our years of experience and granular understanding of each localities unique approach to land use which allows us to obtain the greatest possible success for our clients.


Kennelly & Associates has represented members of the hospitality industry from lease negotiation and regulatory compliance to the permitting process and employment litigation.  The firm has taken very successful multi-state companies from site selection to ten-year anniversaries.  We are experienced in all aspects of representation in the hospitality industry.

We have been the main point of contact for the construction of restaurants in multiple states; the client’s compliance with everything from the Family and Medical Leave Act to the Affordable Care Act; to tip credit Litigation and hostile work environment lawsuits.

From the single store restaurant to the clients with dozens of locations, our company is here to ensure your continued and future success

Corporate Representation & Litigation

We have over two decades of experience in negotiating on behalf of multistate and multinational clients and when conversation is exhausted we are prepared to zealously advocate on behalf of our clients in State and Federal Court.  We understand that mutually beneficial solutions are the goal but when required we do not hesitate to litigate to achieve our clients' needs.

Election Law

State Election Enforcement Commission

Kennelly & Associates has many years representing both individuals and campaigns on issues ranging from residency, state contractor contributions and contribution compliance.  We have a very hands-on level of involvement with the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) and have brought about very favorable decisions and settlements for our clients.  Facing an SEEC investigation can be a disturbing experience for those not experienced in this very specialized body of law.  Let Kennelly & Associates ensure that the law works for you and that whatever the outcome, your campaign or interests are protected.

Election Litigation

We have defended and prosecuted numerous election law based actions for individual candidates, municipal parties and primary slates.  Our experience is to the level that we are often citing case law we created years before in advocating for our clients.  Many of the cutting edge judicial decisions regarding Connecticut election law statutes were authored after cases brought by our law firm.